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Featured Artist

Canela Negra

Canela Negra was originally created in Long Beach. However, over the years the members have changed
coming from different cities. So, it this time I like to tell people we are a So Cal band.

Band members:
Ishmael Tlaloc Archuleta, Guitar/ lead vocals. I am the song writer of all current Canela Negra music. My
style of music is home grown. I was influence by my father playing live music. I remember him playing a
wide range of music, including Mexican folk like rancheras, cumbias, boleros and more. He also played
contemporary music, like Jazz, R & B, Rock & Roll and much more. I say this because all these styles of
music influence my song writing.

Angel Torres, Bass player and recording engineer. Angel has been with Canela Negra for over 10 years
and has contributed to the production of Canela Negra songs.

Christian Conejo, Drummer. Christian is the newest and youngest member. He is the drummer for all
current tracks.