Mariachi Method ​for Guitar

Mariachi Method

For Vihuela

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The “Mariachi Method Book” for guitar and compact disc (CD’s) provides a beginning tool, for aspiring musicians who want to learn the fundamentals of music and mariachi guitar. The book offers the thought and perspective from professional musician, “author Michael Archuleta.” Who learned traditional Mexican folk songs through the verbal teachings of his father and other local musicians. The Mariachi Method Book” transforms the traditional oral teachings into a written text format.

The book includes chord charts, illustrations, photographs, and eleven songs, which includes La Bamba and Cielito Lindo. It also includes simple rhythmic notations along with a series of exercises designed to teach the mariachi strumming style, and basic reading techniques. Two accompanying CD’s further complements the traditional oral learning process.

The information in this book will serve not only as a guide for individuals, but can be used as a manual for teachers who are starting mariachi programs in their school or community. Primarily, the book can serve as the foundation from which students can continue to learn and progress as a musician.  

Mariachi Method

For Guitar

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Mariachi Method ​for Vihuela

This is the second extraordinary book/CD package in Michael Archuleta’s “Mariachi Method for beginners”
series. It aims to help you learn and teach others how to properly play the mariachi-style vihuela from Day One.
Like his first book for guitar, this one for vihuela represents the transformation from the oral tradition of teaching the fundamentals of playing musica de mariachi chords and basic rhythms into a simple series of steps with carefully selected pictures, diagrams and words, plus recorded exercises and songs, all of which facilitate learning by either an individual or a group. Michael Archuleta has created this excellent method with the pioneering goal that both beginning vihuela players and their intermediate-or advanced-level teachers can benefit from it.

One of its most valuable aspects stems from Michael Archuleta’s ability to combine his own long personal
history of playing the mariachi-style vihuela with the rich influence that comes to him from Lorenzo Martinez, his
long-time mariachi musical mentor and friend. This work demonstrates the truth in the old sayings: “Two minds are better than one” and “The sum is greater than its parts.”

The accompanying teaching soundtrack on CD is an essential learning component that deserves special
mention because of its unique emphasis on exercises to build up both hand and finger dexterity, along with its
inherent ear-training and theoretical development regarding relative major and minor chord progressions. The CD is also an excellent introduction to the most popular of Mexican mariachi songs. Continued practice with the accompanying CD will increase both your confidence and capability.