​​​​​​​​​​​   Happy Holiday Season 2019! Upon us, is the season for sharing and giving thanks. Thus, we want to say thank you and express our gratitude for visiting our website and for following us throughout the year. If you are a new visitor, we say, “Welcome! This holiday season Give the Gift of Music!  
   The New interpretation of our holiday production Wanna Sleep Through the Holidays, will be re-released on Thanksgiving week.  This new interpretation performed by local Long Beach artist Natalie Acosta Gonzales offers a sweet and softer melodic rendition. To accompany the song, we have produced a new video that will not only entertain but will even touch your heart. The video is a creation by filmmaker and director Jesus Santillan. The magical editing and special effects are the work of actor, playwright, and director Jose Garcia Davis.

   I love the Holidays, I enjoy all the preparations, maintaining the cultural traditions of food, gift exchange music, and holiday caroling. We all know that “there’s no place like home for the holidays;” unfortunately, there are numerous circumstances why being home is not always possible. Wanna Sleep Through the Holidays speaks to the sadness one feels when separated from loved ones. It hurts to be away from home, but it is especially heart-wrenching to be absent during the holidays. Perhaps you can relate because you are or have been in this situation or you know of someone who has or is currently experiencing this situation.
   Being separated from family for over eight years and thinking about the possibility of not being able to share the holidays with them tugged slowly at my heart. I recall every morning during the holiday season, waking up to the news and watching as the local TV station provided an opportunity for some lucky family to link via Skype with a loved one serving in the military while stationed overseas. Watching these emotional encounters every morning, coupled with my situation, became the inspiration for these lyrics. 
   I love music, and I am very fortunate to be married to an all-around artist. My husband, Michael Archuleta, is a musician, composer, singer, actor author, music teacher and book publisher. He composed the beautiful melody for this song, which we hope becomes a holiday classic.
Peace & Love!
Irma Archuleta

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