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It is that time of year again, the season of sharing and giving. But during this time, when we would typically gather with family and friends, the season of "sharing and giving" takes on a different meaning this year. Although we cannot come together and exchange hugs and gifts, we can gather through music. Our offering to everyone is the gift of music-- an original holiday composition Wanna Sleep Through the Holidays

When I wrote these lyrics, I worked up North and lived away from my family. The song speaks of love and sadness experienced by being separated from loved ones during the holidays. Today as I hear the lyrics to Wanna Sleep Through the Holidays, I never imagined that these words would relate to almost everyone worldwide. Because of situations out of our control, we cannot gather and celebrate with our loved ones over this holiday season. While we cannot all be together, we can show we care by keeping our distance. Please share the song with loved ones and remain safe and healthy. The link is below. 

Happy Safe Holidays!!!
The Archuleta Family 

Wanna Sleep through the Holiday's: