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I recently bought your "Mariachi Method" book and am really enjoying the insights it brings - what a pleasure! It provides an easily grasped method for playing really sweet and fun rhythms, and a great introduction to the Mariachi way.
Scott Brown
San Jose, California

​Thank You very much for developing this book. I love your approach to develop the rhythm patterns. It is helping me very much and at the pace I'm going I will have to order your next Mariachi Method Book next month. When will the next level come out?
Enrique the Pollocko

South Elgin, IL.​

Hello, I purchased your book a while back and absolutely loved it. Gracias
Xaime Guitron
Phelan, California


I have started working with your wonderful method book and CDs to learn mariachi guitar. I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating a wonderful starting point.

Sean Foley
Lexington, Kentucky USA

​This is a wonderful method book! Finally, a place where I can see the chords that go with songs that I have heard for years and love so much. And a personal compliment to you, Mr. Archuleta: you have a great voice! When will the next book be published?
Gracias por esta obra magnifica!

Mark Heckler
Godfrey, IL

Your book has taken me a long way. Finally I’m able to participate in my culture by playing traditional songs like de colores, cielito lindo this is an excellent way for the Raza to preserve its culture.
Fidel Jose Banuelos

Modesto, California​

I'm waiting for book two!! I'm really enjoying the first book. It's easy to follow!! Muchas Gracias!!
Janet E Mejia

Mechanicsville, Virginia